Our Mission

The mission of PAS is to help people who suffer from opioid dependency including prescription medications and heroin, find the strength to break the bond of addiction and the courage to build a healthy productive life of recovery.  

​                 Goals and Key Objectives of Medication Assisted Treatment  (MAT)
​​Addiction is a very complex disease that has hit epidemic proportions and although millions of people have it, less than half are going want to get treatment. PAS wants to help more!  PAS treatment services focus on each person individually, because we understand no 2 people are alike and we gather up everything that makes a person who they are, their “uniqueness” and brings it together  with the destruction drug addiction has had on his/her life.  Our treatment services will address the individual needs of each client, not only on the physical addiction, but also the mental, social, and other aspects of everyday living.  PAS welcomes individuals with open arms and we will treat everyone who has the courage to ask for help with the dignity and respect they deserve.  We are driven to provide the highest standards of addiction care and will integrate evidence-based practices with community resources to help you build your future life of recovery.  
Primary Goals:

  • To help the client achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive chemicals and behaviors
  • To help the client recover from the damage the addiction has had on their life
  • Reduce or eliminate the harm associated with substance use and addiction for the client, their loved ones and the community
  • Improve a person’s quality of life by building a healthy productive lifestyle in recovery.

Key Objectives:

  • Provide access to treatment as quickly as possible to all those seeking help.
  • Provide a safe and effective stabilization process that leads to an efficient maintenance treatment program that supports a client-centered recovery.
  • Identify relapse triggers and develop prevention skills and strategies with our clients
  • Focus on the individual as the “expert” of his/her own life to uncover their strengths, talents, values and ultimately their long and short-term goals.
  • Facilitate social rehabilitation using relationships, community resources, to secure vocational, living situations
  • Educate behavioral changes that reduce the spread of communicable diseases and criminal activity
  • To partner with the individual to help them overcome their challenges and build a healthy life of recovery.


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PAS is a

  1.  "Judgement Free Environment for a Drug-Free Community!"

  2. Our recovery treatment is

  3. patient centered with services and support tailored to fit each individuals needs. 


Individual counseling and/ or psychotherapy, Group counseling, Peer-to-Peer


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